To identify properties in danger...

To find answers & strategies to prevent the further deterioration of historic properties...
To initiate programs and projects to ensure the conservation and preservation of historic buildings . To foster pride in our shared history and love of our cultural heritage.

About S.T.O.P.

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“Saving the Old Properties, Inc”, also known as S.T.O.P., is a non-profit organization working with communities, local governments, owners of historic properties, historic preservation organizations, and local historical societies to identify properties in danger, to find answers and strategies to prevent the further deterioration of historic properties, and to initiate programs and projects to ensure the conservation and preservation of historic buildings in Indiana and the Midwest. The organization also works to inform the public of the need to preserve local cultural heritage and to educate our youth of the value of these historic buildings.  S.T.O.P collects information from respected local persons to learn the history and stories of these local historic buildings and to tell the true history of these irreplaceable architectural treasures.  

The initial inspiration for S.T.O.P. came from the simple STOP sign. It is a universally known signal to stop, and failure to comply with this sign can have a tremendous impact on a person’s life. Saving the Old Properties, Inc chooses to heed the warning of the stop sign and is working to make a positive impact now before our history, preserved as it is in these historic structures, has crumbled away.  S.T.O.P. strives to capture the history encapsulated in these buildings and let their stories be told through preservation, restoration, and bringing these building back to their former glory rather than watch them deteriorate or be sold and torn down. In doing so, S.T.O.P is able to keep the stories and history alive for the communities they are a part of, as well as for their place in the history of the United States as a whole.  Too many historic buildings have become little more than a desolate building lingering in the distance on the horizon, deserted, deteriorating, and dreary. 

The mission of Saving the Old Properties, Inc. is to instill an appreciation of history through the acquisition, restoration, and preservation of endangered historical buildings with architectural significance in the State of Indiana before they are destroyed by time or developers. Saving the Old Properties is also dedicated to the education of future generations by showing them the history in the physical form, allowing the youth to see and feel these buildings and to hear the stories they tell, and to instill pride for our country in the youth by showing the value of the past. 

All properties have been purchased “As Is” with varying degrees of degradation. Throughout the years, S.T.O.P. has repaired roofs, eaves, replaced windows, scraped and peeled paint, fixed plumbing and electrical issues, shored up structural issues, and installed ventilation apparatuses to dry out problem areas. Most repairs have been completed by S.T.O.P.’s staff and community volunteers; however, as a matter of necessity, S.T.O.P. has hired additional local professional help. 

Our mission and passion is to preserve the history and architecture of these iconic, irreplaceable buildings, structures, and properties before they are destroyed by developers. The quality of craftsmanship, beauty in design, and materials used in these historic properties is unmatched. S.T.O.P. has been able to restore these properties and show history in a physical form. S.T.O.P. also takes seriously its continuing mission to inspire future generations to take pride in our Nation by showing them the value of the past.

S.T.O.P. operates with the intent is to memorialize the lives that once roamed the halls of historic jails, lodges, infirmaries, schools, hotels, and many more buildings , encouraging the community to share their love for these iconic buildings and to be a part of the preservation process. When S.T.O.P. purchases an historic property, sellers are encouraged to put contingencies into place such as:


• The property/structure may not be stripped of original fixtures, woodwork, and anything historically significant to the community or building


• The property must stay in ownership for xx amount of years, otherwise, first rights are given to the (seller) opportunity to purchase the property/structure back at fair market value if improvements had been made after purchase 


• The property upkeep both inside & out must be maintained by the property owner


• Will maintain structure


• The facility, structure and/or buildings may not be used as a place of storage


• Contingencies go with any future sale of the structures


We Truly Need Your Help and Donations!

With the prices of Lumber and Supplies soaring, we can really use your help. If you can donate anything we will make it go really far. Every dollar donated goes back into supplies needed for important renovations.

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